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These are the photos that appear in my photo-essay book "From Banff to Jasper: A Backroads Adventure in the Canadian Rockies". All photos were taken during a week long multisport adventure in July 2015 with Backroads. Cycling from Banff to Jasper, and the various hikes and excursions, showed off the incredible scenery in Banff and Jasper National Parks.
You can order reprints on this page. Note that photos highlighting individuals or small groups are priced as I would price event photos, to make them relatively inexpensive. The scenic pricing for photos that will likely eventually make it to my scenic galleries are priced with my standard landscape photo pricing (more expensive). The prices for each will show when you click to add any to your cart.

You can get all these photos in bound form by ordering the book from Blurb clicking here.

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