Photography by Neil R. Shapiro | Hairspray
Park Playhouse's Production of Hairspray August 4-14, 2012.

Images taken on behalf of Park Playhouse.
20120804 Hairspray D7617020120804 Hairspray D7617320120804 Hairspray D7617420120804 Hairspray N7K5337520120804 Hairspray D7618520120804 Hairspray D7618720120804 Hairspray D7619220120804 Hairspray D7619420120804 Hairspray D7620320120804 Hairspray N7K5340720120804 Hairspray N7K5340820120804 Hairspray D7622420120804 Hairspray D7623020120804 Hairspray D7623720120804 Hairspray D7624020120804 Hairspray D7624220120804 Hairspray D7624620120804 Hairspray D7624920120804 Hairspray N7K5341220120804 Hairspray D76254