Photography by Neil R. Shapiro | The Possibility Alliance 2012

Our visit to the Possibility Alliance in La Plata, MO
20120901 La Plata N7K5783420120901 La Plata N7K5783620120901 La Plata N7K5785820120901 La Plata N7K5786220120901 La Plata N7K5786720120901 La Plata N7K5790920120901 La Plata N7K5794520120901 La Plata N7K5800720120901 La Plata N7K5800920120901 La Plata N7K5801820120901 La Plata N7K5802020120901 La Plata N7K5805120120901 La Plata N7K5808020120901 La Plata N7K5813220120901 La Plata N7K5814820120901 La Plata N7K5820220120901 - Possibility Alliance-RX0151020120901 - Possibility Alliance-RX0152620120901 - Possibility Alliance-RX0152720120901 - Possibility Alliance-RX01528