Photography by Neil R. Shapiro | Spamalot
Park Playhouse's 2013 summer production of Spamalot. Preliminary Batch: I may remove some photos to streamline this -- there are a lot here -- and I may add a few more photos on a second pass if I find scenes not well covered.
20130725 Spamalot D6C637920130725 Spamalot D6C638620130725 Spamalot D6C638820130725 Spamalot D6C639720130725 Spamalot D6C641020130725 Spamalot D6C641220130725 Spamalot D6C641620130725 Spamalot D6C641720130725 Spamalot D6C642520130725 Spamalot D6C642620130725 Spamalot D6C642720130725 Spamalot D6C642820130725 Spamalot D6C642920130725 Spamalot D6C643020130725 Spamalot D6C643120130725 Spamalot D6C643320130725 Spamalot D6C643520130725 Spamalot D6C643720130725 Spamalot D6C644120130725 Spamalot D6C6442